antique garden spoons

For those of you who love to garden like me, you'll love these garden markers made from antique spoons. Featured on Etsy, this set features 5 spoons to use in your herb garden. These would make a sweet little stocking stuffer!


Let's Get Crafty: Doily Bedspread

I LOVE anything frilly, soft and feminine like a doily. To create your doily bedspread, sew your favorite vintage or new collection of doilies onto a simple bedspread. I love linen or matelasse bedspreads in creamy whites or tans to showcase the doily... and, the more aged the doily, the better!  If you don't have any in stock, check out Etsy.com, a crafty website that sells all sorts of homemade and vintage items.
  1. Pin the doilies onto the bedspread and rearrange if needed.
  2. Hand stitch the doily onto the fabric. 
That's it! Looks brilliant in a guest bedroom.

What else can you do with a doily?

{photos from Country Living}



Last Minute Centerpiece Ideas

It's Thanksgiving eve and you forgot your centerpiece. Don't worry, just open up the fridge and use some of your locally grown vegetables as a centerpiece. A handful of baby pears, a few sprigs of asparagus. Try a rustic bowl filled with sweet potatoes. Here are some easy, last-minute ideas.



let's get crafty: whisk lamp

Sweet Paul features this easy "How To" in their latest holiday issue. With a lamp kit and few tools you can create your own hanging whisk lamp to use in a kitchen or dining room. This industrial-style hanging lamp is one of my favorite crafty projects yet!

  1. Make sure the lamp set is unplugged. Unscrew the socket until it comes apart.
  2. Unscrew the screws holding the two wires in place.
  3. Pull the cord through the whisk and re-assemble the socket. 
  4. Wrap one wire around one screw and tighten.
  5. Do the same for the second wire, making sure the wires are not touching.
  6. Screw the socket back into position.
  7. Add a lightbulb.
  8. Hang the lamp and turn on!



I love FLOR and I am loving their new fall collection that features bold patterns and colors that are genius! It never ceases to amaze me how their carpet tiles keep getting better and better. Check out their new collection:

[Images above 1. Sophistikat 2. Mag-Neat-O  3. Making Waves 4. Road to Damaskus]


let's get crafty: whirl-it lampshade

Pickles, a crafty blog, features the whirl-it lampshade. It looks painstakingly difficult, but it's really simple and the end product is gorgeous, especially if you like whimsical, kinda-modern-pieces for your home. Instructions for the lampshade CLICK HERE.


Product Review...Stay Tuned!

I'm thrilled to be teaming up again with CSN Stores, a company that features sleek bathroom furniture and some of my favorite home accessories and brands like Herman Miller, Thomas Paul, olli & lime and Blue Dot.

Stay tuned for a review of a favorite, must-have product!


warm up the kitchen

I love this print from Mizu Designs. Inspired by her never ending obsession with tea and Japan, this image measures 18.5 x 14 cm (7 1/4 inches x 5 1/2 inches) and is featured on a lovely ivory white 220 gsm acid free textured Prisma paper. The paper measures 29.5 x 21 cm (11 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches) leaving a generous border for framing. Wouldn't it look cute in the kitchen or dining room?


gift guide: everything owl

I've always loved owls and am sooooo excited they've made a come back. Since the 1960's, where they were popular as ceramic figurines, clocks and pot holders, owls have been a cute accessory with their oversized eyes and fluffy feathers. I'm in love with owl lamps right now and would love a pair of the new West Elm table lamps in my bedroom and a pillow or two around my house. Check out these functional owl decorations.



let's get crafty: Tea/Coffee Stained Gift Tags

I love the vintage effect that coffee and tea give can to paper, and when embellished with a custom stamp or simple piece of ribbon, the result is stunning. Here's how to achieve this look on your own tags, whether old or new.

Tea Staining:
  1. Boil tea bags for 20 minutes until the water is dark.  
  2. Remove the pan from stove and allow tea to cool for 10 minutes.
  3. Place the paper in pan for 5 to 10 minutes.
  4. Remove the paper with tongs and let dry on a cooling rack until dry.
Coffee Staining:
  1. Scoop some instant coffee granules into a bowl and add water, creating a heavy mix of water and coffee that is almost like an espresso.
  2. Take a sponge brush and wipe the surface of the paper to get a really good coating.
  3. Sprinkle a couple of the coffee granules on the paper to give it a dotted effect, letting it sit for a few minutes so it absorbs.
  4. Dab the stain off with a folded paper towel so it leaves an ochre color on the paper.
  5. Let dry.

Check out these cute tea-stained gift tags from Bijoux Paperie.

wall calendar

I'm in love with this wall calendar. Created by Michelle Smith at Home Sweet Home, it's the perfect piece for the home office/kitchen/entry to keep yourself organized while adding a bit of color on the wall. Click here for more information about this sweet calendar. Also comes in yellow & turquoise.
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