The Pinterest Series: A Little Bit of Spring

Oh boy, it was cold this week in Belgium. This native North Carolinian is really missing her warm weather! I love posting some inspiring photographs from Pinterest for The Pinterest Series. A floral tunic, a bucket of fresh flowers or a pop of bright color always makes me happy. So, here's a little bit of spring for your weekend. Happy Friday my lovely readers! -Callie 


DYR Goes To Belgium

Hello my lovely readers! Well, it's been a little while since my last post but I have a very good reason...I moved to Europe! My family made the long haul over the great Atlantic to Belgium. We had always wanted to move to Europe so when the chance came, we were ready to go! Obtaining our work visas was a long process but well worth the many months of paperwork.  It is a beautiful city full of color, texture and light that gives me design inspiration every day. I do miss the comforts of home but the vastly differently architecture, food, nature and people envelops you and makes you feel at home, too.

As I explore this beautiful country, I hope your are inspired, too! Stay tuned for my next post...my daughter's Belgium bedroom design! Thanks for the photos, Pinterest.  -Callie



Coziness {Hygge}

As we enter the cooler days of winter,  I'm finding myself wanting soft and cozy throws and pillows, twinkly candles and sparkly fairy lights. I can't help but think of the Danes and their need for hygge. In a nutshell, to me, the word means to surround yourself with things you love and admire, the great pleasures in life. Whether it be a group of friends or snuggling up in your husbands arms or a giant throw blanket, hygge is a fundamental part of everyone's life no matter where you are.

So, yesterday I ventured out to a few stores to add a little bit of hygge to my home. I found a beautiful fluffy rug for our living space and some twinkling lights and candles for the dining room. I also love pulling out all of my grandmothers' quilts to put at the base of all of our beds and on the living room sofa. So, my lovely bloggers, here's a little inspiration for you. Happy Hygging! -Callie 
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