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Transform a spare bedroom into a cool boudoir using patterned wallpaper on the walls and ceiling. Install a crystal chandelier to create an eclectic and sophisticated design. Stack hat boxes in the corner to store accessories. For the floors install wood or add carpet tiles, depending upon your design. FLOR, a company who carries a variety of carpet tiles, is a perfect place to shop online. They have a digital design center where you can mix and match colors and patterns in a virtual room before you buy them for your own space. Keep the tiles a darker color to hide any dirt and debris you might track in.

On one side of the room, install a station for ironing, steaming, and de-fuzzing your clothes. Folding ironing boards are ideal in small spaces where they can be installed on the wall. When not in use, simply fold the board up and stow away. Add an upholstered ottoman to the middle of the room to use as a focal point to the room, as well as a spot to sit on when trying on outfits.

Accessories are essential in your closet and will add a creative design element to your room. Add artwork and photographs to the wall for inspiration. Prop one or two floor-to-ceiling mirrors against one of the walls to create the illusion of a larger space. In the morning and evening, you can unwind from a long work day in a relaxing and cozy boudoir.


Add pavers in your backyard to lead you into your garden or back patio. Lay them around the backyard every 5 to 10 inches for an inviting design. Add color by planting grass or creeping vines in between each stone. Creeping jasmine or thyme will provide a sweet scent when brushed as you meander outside. Bright green mosses also contrast beautifully with the neutral colors found in stone.

Use outdoor furniture over the pavers to create an outdoor dining spot. Scatter comfortable chairs and accent tables around the patio to create intimate spaces. Surrounding the patio, plant colorful flowers and shrubs to create a makeshift border to your outdoor area. Use the natural lines of the earth to create a curved and fluid border. Using perennials, which pop up every year, is ideal when creating a backyard garden. Over time, they will grow and fill out your backyard landscape.

Nestle a water feature in the garden to create a soothing sound in your backyard. You can create your own fountain using an old birdbath, making this a very affordable project. The main items are the pump and container to hold the water. Add water and a few colorful water plants and you have a beautiful garden fountain. When the pump is running, the water will spill out into the container and attract birds and butterflies. At night, the soothing sound of the garden fountain will create a relaxing spot.

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freshen up with

an old church pew! Church pews can be tough to find so browse local antique markets and salvage yards. Turning an old pew into a functional seating area is a great way to reuse old furniture. Also, check your local paper for tag sales or give-aways. You never know what you'll find. -Callie

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Mudroom Ideas

Mudrooms can keep your family organized and provide a space to store jackets, backpacks and shoes. Install shelves with cubbies to store your belongings, along with benches for seating and extra storage, to keep your mudroom clutter-free and tidy. Storage for a busy family is key to keeping organized. For a mudroom, consider installing lockers for each member of the family. Inside the locker you can hang up each person's coat, backpack or purse and outdoor gear. In addition to lockers, a place to sit is essential in all mudrooms. Benches provide a lot of space and you can install one easily along a wall. Benches with storage underneath provide another area to store accessories such as shoes and sports equipment. When kids come home from school, they have a space to throw their stuff without cluttering up the rest of the house.

Storage in the bathroom needs to be accessible. Consider hanging a cubbie storage unit on the wall in the bathroom to store bathroom supplies. Use baskets inside the cubbies for a touch of color as well as a way to easily access your items. This keeps the space clutter-free and the floors free of furniture, which makes it easy to clean.

Flooring in a mudroom and bathroom needs to be easy to clean and durable. A neutral color which hides dirt and blends in with the space is ideal. Tile has all of these components and will not break your budget. It is also very easy to maintain--when you have spills, use warm water and soap for a simple clean-up. Install the same color tile throughout the mudroom and bathroom for one seamless design. For a border, consider installing colorful mosaic tiles. Place an entry rug inside the door so you can wipe your shoes and prevent dirt from tracking in.

Paint the mudroom and bathroom a color to match the design in your tile and create a warm and inviting space. Relaxing gold and beige colors are cozy and blend well with neutral colored tiles. This color scheme also hides dirt and grime. To keep your family organized, paint one of the walls in your mudroom using chalkboard paint. Here you can write your grocery lists, maintain a family calendar or keep track of chores. Remember white and light-colored walls accent scuff marks and dirt so be wary when painting a mudroom white.

For the ceiling in your mudroom, consider tin. Tin comes in affordable sheets and can be installed in under a day, making it an easy project and an affordable update for your mudroom. The silver color creates height in your room while providing a creative design element.

For the mudroom benches, purchase colorful and comfortable pillows to soften up the space. Hang artwork and photographs to create an inviting and colorful touch to the mudroom. Black and white photographs grouped together above the lockers can create a personal touch. -Callie

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