blow-up bamboo collection

The blow-up bamboo collection designed by Fernando and Humbert Campana for Alessi creates a modern, natural design made from bamboo sticks tied together with raffia. I love the citrus basket which could also be used as a trash can in the office or to hold a vase of flowers or favorite collection. The magazine rack is also genius.

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Reusable Snack Bags

These reusable snack and sandwich bags are perfect for snacks, lunch, or using as your own doggy bag from a restaurant. The fun patterns and colors make them appealing to children, as well as easy to find around the home. They are made to store food and keep your snacks fresh and tasty. Plus, think how many thousands of plastic baggies you're saving? Did I also mention they are washable? For more information, click here.



let's get crafty: twig wreath

My absolute favorite way to make a wreath is to go out and gather items in the garden. I love pieces of cedar, holly and boxwood crammed together to make a holiday wreath. Another favorite is a simple twig wreath created from old twigs found around the landscape. Here's an easy Make-it Monday project featured on The Painted Hive. EnJOY. 

  1. Gather sticks from around the yard or garden to create the wreath. Break down the twigs to similar lengths.
  2. Create central disk or center as the base of the wreath using a leftover cardboard box or cereal box. Wrap the box with twine.
  3. Attach the sticks using a hot glue gun around the base to create the design. Tie a piece of ribbon or twine around the central disk to create the hanging loop. 
  4. Use decorative tacks, a non-stick hook or anything else you have around the home to hang the wreath. Happy crafting! 


recyled lobster mats

If the rope survived the Atlantic...then yes, it will survive the daily wear and tear around the home and garden. These recycled, mildew-resistant lobster rope mats from Etsy are a must for any area of the home. They would look adorable in a kitchen or mudroom, as well as parked outside the front and back doors. They measure 18 by 32 inches and come in a variety of bright colors (I'm loving the gray and red mat featured above). They can also make custom color mats!

A few other doormats I love...

Braided Coir Doormat via Restoration Hardware

Norse Stripe doormat via Crate&Barrel

Delightful Doormat via Wisteria


Christmas Tree Alternative

I do love the smell of a fresh cut tree but I also love these Christmas tree alternatives for those who want something different. From an arrangement to a decorative wall of ornaments, here are some neat Christmas tree alternatives that won't break the bank and can often be found around the home. Happy Holidays!

An evergreen vase via Apartment Therapy

 Ladder Tree via Re-nest

Leafless Christmas tree via Door Sixteen

Suspended Christmas Branch via ohdeedoh

Wall collection Christmas tree via Apartment Therapy

 Christmas tree wall graphic decal via Etsy shop Subhuti

 Antique drying rack Christmas tree via re-nest 

 Tabletop timber Christmas tree via Etsy shop Redzebradesigns

 Felted sweater tree via the long thread 

 Painted Christmas tree via Vosges Paris

Scalloped seagrass tree via West Elm 

For more Christmas tree ideas.


table candy

You'll love this sweet little set just for its graphic letterpress print. This candle trio from Terrain features bee and soy wax candles infused with peppermint oil and sweet birch. The small glass votives make them ideal in any room and are perfect for an outdoor meal when you want a little sparkle. Each candle has a 15 hour burn time and will have your house smelling delicious.

You might also like Terrain's lemon verbena candle set.


let's get crafty: gift tags

Set the bar high with your own personal gift tags. These homemade, sweet little creations are easy to make and won't break the bank. You can use anything from a photograph to last year's gift paper. So, look around the house and get creative with what you use---you might not have to spend a dime!

Here's a crafty way from one of my favorite blogs, Sweet Paul, on how to tag your own family members with a personalized gift tag. Enjoy. 

Tag puncher or scissors
Hole puncher
String or ribbon
Color or black & white copies of photographs
  1. Punch out tags of the photographs using a tag puncher. Alternatively, you can also cut the tags by hand with a pair of scissors. 
  2. Punch out a hole with a hole puncher.
  3. Fasten a piece of ribbon or string to the photograph. 
{photo from Sweet Paul}



Ornament Ideas

I love the holidays and finding new crafty baubles for my tree. I grew up in a home where we made a lot of our ornaments and had little holiday keepsakes tucked into every nook and cranny of our house. Here are some of my favorite ornaments to hang on the tree or gift this holiday season.

[Images above 1. Tiny Bells (set of 6), $49 2. Fuzz Bird Friends (set of 3), $25 3. Confetti Orb Ornament, $10 4. Mini Temple Bell Ornaments (set of 6), $24 5. Anchor Ornament, $28 6. Wool Felted Acorn Ornaments (set of 6), $14 7. Kraft Animal Ornaments, $4 8. Newsprint Tassel, $2


fabric walls

Dress up your walls with fabric for an easy to install design that can be changed out anytime. This is a great idea for those who rent and don't want the hassle of taking down the wallpaper when moving out. It's also perfect when you want to try out colors/patterns in the home. One of the benefits of using fabric to cover your walls instead of wallpaper is that fabric is much easier to remove. Simply spray the fabric with a mist of water, and pull off your wall. Here are the directions from the Nate Berkus show. Easy as pie!

What You Need
Liquid Starch
Paint Roller
Plastic Drop Cloth
Measuring Tape
Push pins
X-acto knife

1. Before you begin, wipe down your walls so they're dust and dirt free, and tape over outlet holes with waterproof tape for safety. Place a plastic drop cloth below the space where you're working for easy cleanup.
2. Measure the wall you plan to cover, and cut out the fabric accordingly. Leave at least one inch of additional material where the fabric meets the floor, the ceiling, and around windows and doors. (This will account for any shrinking that may occur when starching the fabric. You'll trim the additional material after the fabric been mounted to the wall and is dry.) TIP: When adhering fabric to walls, lightweight fabrics work best.
3. Pour the liquid starch into the pan, and use your paint roller to apply starch to the top half of the wall.
4. Stick the fabric against the top half of the wall and smooth it out. If necessary, use push pins to temporarily hold the fabric in place. Apply more starch to the wall as needed, and work your way down the wall, attaching and smoothing the fabric over the surface.
5. Apply starch to the top of the fabric, continuing to smoothing out wrinkles or air bubbles. Make even strokes with your paint roller.
6. Let your fabric dry completely, then use an x-acto knife to trim any additional material from the ceiling, floor, and around doors and windows.

Want to remove the fabric from your walls? One of the benefits of using fabric to cover your walls instead of wallpaper is that fabric is much easier to remove. Simply spray the fabric with a mist of water, and pull off your wall. Clean the starch from the wall with water and a sponge.


holiday gift guide: under $50

I'm excited to list a few of my favorite holiday finds that are all $50 and under! These gift ideas add whimsy to the home and are ideal for those who love to cook, garden, decorate organize, you name it. They also make a nice housewarming gift for upcoming holiday parties!

[Images above 1. Luxury Plush Foot Duvets, $16 2. Bamboo Magnet Board, $29 3. Artisinal Corkscrews, $38 4. Red Chamber Mini Vases, $18 5. Thomas Paul Accessories, starting at $12, 6. Garden in a Bag, $8.50 7. Antique Spoons (set of 3), $20 8. Leather Piggy Bank, $45 9. Vintage Pig Placemat, $20 10. Bijoux- Dots Pillow Cover, $34, 11. Cotton Calendar, $24, 12. Powder-coated Bathroom Bin, $18]
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