The Stillness of Winter

As I write this and look out my window a heavy snow has already come and is continuing to grow creating the most beautiful winter day. The pines are heavy and my twinkly outdoor lights almost non existent in my giant beech tree, as the snow weighs heavy on its' bare branches. Inside, I am starting my winter ritual of hygge. Hygge is a Danish word that when translated into English means so many beautiful things that many of us do instinctively. At my house when the dark days of winter come, I find a simple comfort in creating hygge and my daughters love it, too. I begin by putting up strings of fairy lights. I nestle them in my plants, string them along my bookcase and hang them from the ceiling. I take out my wool blankets and throws and add a few rugs to my bare floors. We introduce and bring out our bin of all things wool! Wool socks, slippers and oversized sweaters keep us warm. As I do these small rituals in winter, I come to realize how happy it makes me. Small, good moments in my life. 

I can't leave you without some of my favorite images that capture the spirit of winter - a peaceful stillness that only it can bring us. -Callie



Milk Glass

I remember seeing my grandmothers milk glass in her farmhouse as a young child. Since then, I have loved the milky white (other colors include, pink, blue, black, brown and yellow are just as lovely) and often textured glass that can be seen in vases, lamps, bowls, and butter dishes. I love it displayed as a collection along a bookshelf or used in non-traditional ways. Cram a succulent into a vase or use your collection for organizing jewelry. If you happen to be in Grand Central Station in NYC, check out the milk glass incorporated into the clock face. -Happy Weekend! -Callie

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