Yes, Please

I am obsessed with the handstitched, 100% linen clutch from EmersonMade. Its navy color goes with everything and can be tucked under the arm at both formal and informal occasions. Click here for more information.


cute, cute, cute

Perfect for a child's room or entryway, the pack rack from The Future Perfect is designed from certified sustainable black walnut or pine. The animals are the ideal spot to hang your favorite items! Click here for more information.


cardamom-scented oatmeal pancakes

These cardamom oatmeal pancakes infused with apricots and almonds are on my list to try this weekend. Click here for the recipe.


sweet postage

Writing letters just got a whole lot sweeter. These chocolate flavored stamps make stamp licking fun! Made in 3 different flavors, dark, milk and white, the set of 24 1st class stamps are arranged as a bar of chocolate. Created by Toby Ng Design. Click here for more information.


vegetables ripe for framing

I stumbled upon an article in the NY Times that featured the collection of 46 lithographs by various botanical artists. Originally commissioned from a seed company as advertisements for vegetables and fruits, the prints have been reproduced in a set for framing. Use these in a kitchen or create a wall mosiac in the dining room. Click here for more information and to order the collection.



let's get crafty: faux cardboard logs

I stumbled upon this DIY on Design Sponge, one of my favorite design websites. Made of corrugated cardboard, these sleek faux logs are perfect for those who don't have a working fireplace or don't have the time to keep one running. This is a perfect weekend project over a snowy, winter weekend! Click here for the detailed instructions.


Old + New

Old tables look great in the home and work well with all furniture styles. Currently, I have a vintage wallpaper cutting table in my entryway that looks stylish with modern furniture. Their long, rectangular shape makes them ideal in narrow entries. Vintage tables are also lovely as the dining room table, office desk or greeting you in the home's foyer. Here are some of my favorite ways to use old tables. Enjoy!

{photos from decorpad}
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