The Industrial Stool

Factory and draftsman style barstools are just the right amount of functional and vintage. With the ability to lower and raise the seat, you accommodate everyone. Plus, the exposed threading that holds the seat to the base looks really cool. Here are some ideas in a wide range of prices.

School Outfitters Diesel Series Industrial Stool. Price: $96 (without backrest)

School Outfitters Diesel Series Industrial Stool. Price: $129 (with backrest)

Wisteria Cooper's Small Draftsman Stool. Iron draftsman stool. Price $159.

 Restoration Hardware Vintage Barstool. Wood seat contrasts nicely with the steel frame. Price: $295

Design Within Reach Precision Stool.  Heavy gauge stainless steel makes for a sleek, modern look. Price: $700 (with backrest), $550 (without backrest)

Sundance Modern Times Factory Stool. Modeled after the all-purpose seat of factory and assembly lines. Price: $195.


DIY Patio Designs

Patios made from slate, brick, flagstone, crushed rock, even mulch, are classic, easy-to-care-for designs. Versatile, slate and brick are ideal for small or large patio spaces and can be laid in a circular pattern or more traditional square or rectangular shape. For a remote or unused corner of a garden, place the slate in a circular pattern. Tuck a cozy bench along an unused wall to create your own intimate patio. Crushed granite is an easy and low maintenance stone to spread as the patio "floor". 
 The round, inviting shape of a circular patio beckons for a patio furniture set or bird bath. Along the brick patio, tuck perennial flowers like coneflowers and verbena flowers for bright bursts of color to the landscape. Low-growing, spreading flowers like cotoneaster provide a bright burst of green to the patio.


Stylish Work Space, Small or Large

As I contemplate our move into our new house, I am giddy with excitement! The first room I am going to tackle is my office. Because I work from home, I need a creative space that is functional, cozy and simple. I don't like a lot of clutter so I need lots of shelving and baskets to keep me organized. Here are some offices I drool over and ones that inspire me.
The dark, heavy desk chair grounds the room and contrasts with the simple glass desk. I like the persian rug and cozy chair. Perfect for a cat nap during the long work day.

Bookcases flanking the oversized desk is simple delicious. Large pendant light overhead is gorgeous.

Gray walls and white desk/accessories creates a sleek, clean design.



Simple & Chic Displays for Photographs

I am obsessed with art and photography. Old photographs, fine botanical prints, you name it, I love it. To showcase prints and photographs, I find that displaying them on ONE wall in your house is ideal. It ensures you narrow down the prints to only ones you love to creates a homage to your past and present. Here are some ideas that are affordable and easy to create at home. They require shelving, frames, prints and your imagination. Check it out:

A combination of picture frames resting along wall-mounted shelves creates a simple, nail-free way to display photographs. I am loving the hutch below that grounds the design and adds another surface for photographs. This is one of my favorites that I might be recreating at my house.

Photographs lining a stairwell turns a bare wall into a showcase of special moments caught in time. Have fun with staircase displays. Use neutral colored frames or a rainbow of bright colors. To help create the design, and before you hammer any nails, mark on the wall where you plan to display each photograph. 


Again, another wall covered with whimsical artwork in different frames. Don't be afraid if you can't fill a wall, use the empty space for a large vase of dried flowers, candles or vases. Over time, add photographs and prints. Also, a design trick is to mount larger pictures at the bottom of the design to draw you eye into the entire piece and provide.

Small, frameless photographs mounted to form a collage over a fireplace. Gives the space a whimsical, less formal feel. 

Mounted over a bed in place of a traditional headboard. Sweet dreams...

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