Simple & Chic Displays for Photographs

I am obsessed with art and photography. Old photographs, fine botanical prints, you name it, I love it. To showcase prints and photographs, I find that displaying them on ONE wall in your house is ideal. It ensures you narrow down the prints to only ones you love to creates a homage to your past and present. Here are some ideas that are affordable and easy to create at home. They require shelving, frames, prints and your imagination. Check it out:

A combination of picture frames resting along wall-mounted shelves creates a simple, nail-free way to display photographs. I am loving the hutch below that grounds the design and adds another surface for photographs. This is one of my favorites that I might be recreating at my house.

Photographs lining a stairwell turns a bare wall into a showcase of special moments caught in time. Have fun with staircase displays. Use neutral colored frames or a rainbow of bright colors. To help create the design, and before you hammer any nails, mark on the wall where you plan to display each photograph. 


Again, another wall covered with whimsical artwork in different frames. Don't be afraid if you can't fill a wall, use the empty space for a large vase of dried flowers, candles or vases. Over time, add photographs and prints. Also, a design trick is to mount larger pictures at the bottom of the design to draw you eye into the entire piece and provide.

Small, frameless photographs mounted to form a collage over a fireplace. Gives the space a whimsical, less formal feel. 

Mounted over a bed in place of a traditional headboard. Sweet dreams...


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