Delightful Spring Blooms

Spring is my favorite season.  It is the time of the year when flower bulbs begin to shoot up through winters layer to say hello. Buds on my favorite flowering trees like red bud begin to pop out for a bright burst of color to the landscape. Before the grand spring show, I love shopping around for bright spring flowers to brighten up my house. The farmer's market often have buckets of daffodils and grape hyacinths waiting to be taken home. Here are my favorite spring flowers to use for a centerpiece or used as single stems in a bottle or jar.
Daffodils are grown in many varieties, each with its own bloom color, shape and size. Golden dawn daffodils have creamy white petals and an egg yolk color center that contrasts with the pale blooms. There are also miniature daffodils that look lovely nestled in a small jam or jelly jar.

Grow your own paperwhites at home. Start with a shallow bowl, vase, urn or whatever water-tight container you have around the house. Fill the container with with water and moss or small pebbles (to help retain the moisture). Nestle the bulbs into the moss and watch the blooms come to life. 

Ranunculus flowers are one of my favorite flowers. Their multi-layered and crepe thin petals come in a rainbow of colors. The bloom shapes are perfect nestled in a vase to set on a foyer table as a warm welcome to the home. Ranunculus also make long-lasting bouquets and will keep their color and vibrancy for weeks.

Fluffy pink peony blooms stuffed into a vase might be one of the loveliest things in the whole wide world.  

Spring blooming anemone flowers come in an array of colors, including these bright red blooms. Aren't they exquisite!


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