Second Lives: Reusing the Ordinary

Have you tried reusing existing objects for decoration that you might have otherwise tossed? What happens to your all your junk around around your house? Pure design to me is when you recycle items from around your house to turn them into creative designs for your home. We all have items we throw away, replacing with a new shiny version that we think looks better. Before you toss anything, think to yourself, "can I reuse this somewhere?"

One idea is with old clothes pins. I know that my grandmother has had the same clothes pins for years and years. One idea is to try reusing them to hold up your favorite postcard or photograph. String them behind your desk or above your bed for a makeshift collage.

Another idea is with old socks. Yes, I said old socks (just make sure you launder them before you begin!). Who doesn't have an old pair of socks jammed in the back of the dresser. Try reusing them for the bottom of your dining room chairs as their own personal chair socks. Simply cut the bottom where your toes rest to create an opening in the bottom of the sock. Slide the sock onto the feet of the furniture to add color while protecting the floors from scratching.

Who doesn't get junk mail EVERY SINGLE DAY. Along with glossy magazines and newspapers, I accumulate stacks upon stacks. Most people end up tossing them, recycling at best. Here's a way to reuse all that paper. All you need is a pair of scissors, glue, card stock, and a frame.

First you'll cut the old junk mail/newspapers into thin long strips. Make sure they are big enough for your frame. Adhere them to a piece of white paper with a clear glue stick. Next create a silhouette out of piece of card stock. Place the paper-mounted, recycled strips behind the cut-out silhouette. Place it in simple black frame to showcase your new artwork.

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