I realized some time ago I was drawn to design that incorporated the color pink. It made me happy when I saw it.  Pink is often an overlooked color that can be the perfect dose of boldness to infuse into a monochromatic palette or to add personality to an all white room.  It can be as subtle as a small bouquet of flowers resting on the mantle or a bold and bright pink sofa or chair. I also love it woven into rugs. The varying shades of pink is wide so you can go as bold or as soft (think pale, pale pink) as you like, either way it always works! -Callie



Happy Fourth

Happy 4th my lovely readers! I hope you have had a festive Tuesday and perhaps are still enjoying a long weekend. My daughters fell asleep before the fireworks started so I am having a peaceful evening to myself, although I can begin to hear the loud pops of fireworks in our neighborhood.

I leave you with this magical photograph of the night sky - where the colors begin to fade into the darker hue of blue. That perfect light. Happy 4th! -callie

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