Ornament Ideas

I love the holidays and finding new crafty baubles for my tree. I grew up in a home where we made a lot of our ornaments and had little holiday keepsakes tucked into every nook and cranny of our house. Here are some of my favorite ornaments to hang on the tree or gift this holiday season.

[Images above 1. Tiny Bells (set of 6), $49 2. Fuzz Bird Friends (set of 3), $25 3. Confetti Orb Ornament, $10 4. Mini Temple Bell Ornaments (set of 6), $24 5. Anchor Ornament, $28 6. Wool Felted Acorn Ornaments (set of 6), $14 7. Kraft Animal Ornaments, $4 8. Newsprint Tassel, $2

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