Add pavers in your backyard to lead you into your garden or back patio. Lay them around the backyard every 5 to 10 inches for an inviting design. Add color by planting grass or creeping vines in between each stone. Creeping jasmine or thyme will provide a sweet scent when brushed as you meander outside. Bright green mosses also contrast beautifully with the neutral colors found in stone.

Use outdoor furniture over the pavers to create an outdoor dining spot. Scatter comfortable chairs and accent tables around the patio to create intimate spaces. Surrounding the patio, plant colorful flowers and shrubs to create a makeshift border to your outdoor area. Use the natural lines of the earth to create a curved and fluid border. Using perennials, which pop up every year, is ideal when creating a backyard garden. Over time, they will grow and fill out your backyard landscape.

Nestle a water feature in the garden to create a soothing sound in your backyard. You can create your own fountain using an old birdbath, making this a very affordable project. The main items are the pump and container to hold the water. Add water and a few colorful water plants and you have a beautiful garden fountain. When the pump is running, the water will spill out into the container and attract birds and butterflies. At night, the soothing sound of the garden fountain will create a relaxing spot.

{Images via myhomeideas.com}


LoveThisStyle said...

Hi I really love this design. What's the size of these pavers? I have looked for large ones for a while and haven't been able to find anything above 24x24

LoveThisStyle said...
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ABOUT DYR said...

I don't know the exact size but there are places like Peacock Pavers that have 36 x 36. Good luck! I know they are hard to find.

http://musings-of-a-gardendiva.blogspot.com/ said...

Hi- I love these as well. You can check out Techoblock pavers for some nice pavers like these, I believe they are around 24" square. Also Newline and Belgard pavers have similar paver squares like this. I love this look and often fill the joints with either pea gravel OR Dwarf Mondo grass. You can also use real turf, but it is sometimes hard to maintain and irrigate, so I also use artificial turf for this look. Great design!

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