Cool Headboard Ideas

If you don't have a bed set complete with a matching headboard, don't worry, you can create your own! I think when you come up with different ways to create a headboard, the end result is a much cooler design. And, it's one of a kind!

One way to create a headboard without spending a ton of money is to use art. You can create your own canvas, enlarge your favorite photograph, or hang a set of art flats or panels. Check out the eco-friendly wall flats at Inhabit Living. They are made out of %100 bamboo pulp, %100 bio-degradable, and come in 5 different patterns. Here are the specs:

Dimensions: 18"x18" panels
Content: 10 panels per box
Coverage: 22.5 square feet
Material: 100% molded bamboo paper pulp.
No chemical fillers or additives.
Color: Off-white paintable surface
Hand: Feels like a dense hardboard
Cost: $86.00

If you have a very small space and your bedroom is serving as a multi-purpose room, you can build or purchase a wall divider and then use your favorite fabric/paper to cover the entire piece. This make shift wall will double duty as a headboard, break up a small room, and give your sleeping area a nice cozy feel. Another way to creat a headboard is to use fabric. I've seen some really neat headboards made out of curtains hung behind the bed. You can create a lot of height in a bedroom when you hang the fabric at the very top of your wall directly behind your bed. And the great thing about fabric is that you can easily change it out when you want to update your room!

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