Lights, Lights, Lights

Candles create a warm, magical glow. From paper bag lanterns to jelly jars, you can put your candles in a variety of fun and unique holders. Place them around your house or in your garden for a romantic and cozy ambiance.

For a dramatic centerpiece at a party or wedding, create stamped glass candle holders. Using frosted glass candle holders, take a rubber stamp in a decorative pattern and dip into white paint. Press firmly on the holder and roll from side to side. Repeat the motif for a pattern covering the holder. For a custom design, visit a stationery store and have your stamp custom-made for you.

Believe it or not, you can use fruit as a candleholder. Lemons and limes, as well as tangerines and oranges, work well with tealights. Simply hollow out the middle of the fruit and place the light inside. Use these as a centerpiece for a garden party or outdoor dinner. Place them in the foyer on an accent table for an inviting welcome. Once the light has warmed up, the scent of the fruit will permeate your room.

Create paper lanterns and place them along a garden walkway or in your garden. To create these luminaries, fit two paper bags, one over the other, to form a box lantern. Cut a hole in the bottom of the bag and place one small candle light inside. The glow from the light will light up the bag and create a beautiful luminary. For an added design, try covering the inside of each bag with doilies, that when lit, will look like warm lace.

A mirror centerpiece topped with votive candles and tealights will create a beautiful addition to your table. Top each mirror with candles in glass votive holders. For color, sprinkle rose petals around the candles, which will smell delightful. When lit, the glow from the mirror and candles will reflect shimmering light onto your table.

If you have wood around your house, try this as a candleholder. Drill a hole large enough to fit the candle inside. If the wood is flat long enough, drill 4 or 5 holes for a rustic centerpiece. Use it in your fireplace in the summer for a warm glow.

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