Rentals Can Be Cool

Renting can make you feel like your in a transitional period and hinder you from decorating your home because you don't own it. I say go for it. Make your current space as cool and you would if you owned it. Add artwork to the walls and create your own style.

Typically in rentals you can't change out an outdated light fixture or other major element. Instead, why not bring in items that can create a stylish and functional space without having to be "installed". This brings me to my first idea. If you are dying to get rid of an old and dingy light fixture or chandelier, consider a large lamp in place of a light fixture to use over a dining table or living space. They can create a bold and dramatic statement without you having to bust out any tools.

When the walls are all white, think of your rental as an open palette to use to hang brightly- colored artwork or photographs. Large lithographs and black and white photographs look magnificent against a bare white wall. Bring in home furnishing that have texture and pattern to contrast with your white walls. If your dying to paint, try adding a thin stripe of color along an open staircase.

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