unique centerpiece

Think outside the box and come up with an interesting centerpiece for the upcoming holidays. Design something that will create a new conversation or one that can be eaten (my favorite kind!). Take a look around your home for interesting containers you could utilize. One really neat way to display your favorite flowers is with old baking pans. Antique cake pans have an aged patina that contrasts nicely with deep purple and raspberry colored flowers. You can use any old baking pan and even old cheese graters. To create the design, fill up the pan with wet florist foam, which can be found in all crafts stores. Wedge the piece of foam inside the container and begin adding your flower stems. The foam will hug around each stem and ensure a secure fit in your arrangement.

Cheese graters are also perfect for adding height to your table. Simply add a thin clear vase inside the grater filled with water. Use flowers in the cheese grater or consider using fresh vegetables like asparagus and carrots. The orange and green colored veggies create a vibrant and interesting centerpiece. A trick is to gather the vegetables beforehand and tie them together with string to secure the bouquet. This will keep them looking tall and balanced in the containers.

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