Simple + Sweet

Some of my favorite designs are the simplest of ideas. In fact, you probably have some of these items around the house. Here are some inspirational designs for your own home. 

Buttons as hooks

Old tins for a collection of flowers
Chalkboard paint in the kitchen to write recipes & grocery lists
Clothespins for hanging pictures & postcards

Fabric as wall art
Tray full of seashells or a favorite collection
Legwarmers for tables and chairs


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Bethany said...

The flowers in the cans are beautiful. So excited for spring and the peonies to bloom outside. And the leg warmers and socks on the legs of chairs and tables to prevent scratches, was an approach I've never seen before. You'd have to have the right design to incorporate that, but I really love it. Some great tips. Look forward following this blog.

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