Holiday Gift Guide: Part II.

Part II. Holiday Gift Guide has a few items I know are awesome because I have them in my home! One of them being the LIFX bulb. Having a LIFX wi-fi led smart light in your home has so many advantages. You turn on a mode called dawn to dusk so you can always have a light when you wake up during those dark mornings. An easy to install app on your phone controls it. You can also transform your space into any color imaginable. Another gift that I absolutely love is made by an artist in Greensboro, NC. I received it as a holiday gift and it's one of  my most beloved pieces of art I have in my home. It is a copper mobile with ginkgo leaves. I placed mine under the register so when it comes on, they start to spin. Another great gift is from a company called Odd Pears. So you buy a grouping of three socks, two that match and one that is inversely odd. They're awesome! Happy Shopping and I hope I've given you some ideas for the holidays! -Callie

1. Brooks England Pickzip backback with water resistant cotton and internal laptop sleeve. 2. Wrcibo record player with a built in stereo speaker. 3. The Gem Maker's rose gold ring from Etsy. 4. LIFX bulb that is very clever. 5. Rifle Paper Co. pair of notebooks that are compact enough to fit in a bag. 6. Anthropologie beanie. 7. Copper Ginko Mobile from Etsy that is so beautiful. 8. Odd Pears socks that come in 3's. 9. The Domino decorating book set. 10. Stan Smith for Adidas wool sneakers to keep your feet warm. 


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